rooftop thinking

Sometimes, when I want to get lost in thought or just think about everything that has happened to me I go up on the rooftops and think.  It’s quieter there and you get a new perspective on the entire world.  Although I can’t see stars anymore there is a dizzying array of neon lights and panoramic views of everything below.  It tells me that we are all part of something bigger and something greater and we should strive to be noble and be our best regardless of the situation we find ourselves in.
Science Fiction hs
From the rooftops of Insilico. Poses by Vista Animations. Yes I’m thinking about you baby 🙂 The top is a new release from Chantkare and I really like it. The pants were also from Chantkare. I really didn’t know what to put with them until I remembered the boots from AVZ. I already had the black pair but though it would be an excellent excuse to get the white pair and after the outfit came together I realized it had been a long time since I had visited at Insilico and thought to myself amongst the rooftops so I headed right over.
Science Fiction fb
Trousers: Chantkare: CKD Jeans concept White [STONE WHITE] (I really like these Long 🙂
Top: Chantkare: opt 2 MAGNA [WHITE SMOKE]
Gloves: Emery – Gloves Studded #Pure
Boots: AVZ ~ Wrapped Boots White
Necklace: Jugoya, necklace 1mon
Glasses: primOptic, Plume glasses (lenses tinted white through script)
Hair: Uncleweb Studio, Uw.St Hibiki-Hair type-A size-L black
Skin: LAQ ~ Emmett 01 Peach
Eyes: Silhouette Eyes MOOD: Gray L Stormy


New Release Ian Shape

Finally finished up with this shape that I’ve been actually working on ever since I picked up the LAQ Emmett skin.  The shape stands roughly 6’3″ in sl and that is a result of me sizing the head to match up with the hair and the hairbase used on the skin so if you use the suggested skin and hair you shouldn’t have to mod either.  After the head size was fixed everything else started working it out in it’s own unique way.
New Shape Release Ian
Also, I finished up info cards in all my demos available which will tell you which skin the shapes were specifically tailored for. My shapes are specifically designed for certain skins. Like making a special hand to go inside a glove. If you were disappointed trying one on with a skin you like better please feel free to drop me a notecard and we can discuss ways to customize it.



hard days night

So it was another rough night.  I don’t know how I woke up and got these bloody knuckles or why my head feels like it was ran over by a tank, but I think I might have missed something.
Head Hurts
Maybe another cigarette will make it all go away… Not in this place, I keep forgetting I’m in City of Perdition. Nothing every goes away here, it just creeps back in to haunt you.
Accessories 07292010

Eyes: Silhouette Eyes MOOD: Denim (L) Stormy
Skin: LAQ ~ Emmett 01 – [Peach] Defined skin (Hairbase)
Hair/Hat: *ARGRACE*Beanie – Medium – Black
Nose Bandage: [Nyx.Ubn] Nose Bandage Tattoo (SL 2.0 Version)
Cigarette: [CALYPSO GIANO] Cigarette
Lip and Nose Rings: Silver
Necklace: Opium Tribal Necklace Male 1
Watch: Kal Rau Night Man Watch Black
Waist Wrap: :sey maki2 hoodie_v3[check]9color-long-
Bracelet: +grasp+/Leather Bracelet
Boots: [0N] Wo Boots
Poses: Just a Pose
Background: City of Perdition


extra inspiration

Sometimes it’s a struggle to come up with new ideas, and I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I do fall in a trap of repeating myself.  I do like certain things more than others.  I started out trying to do a summer outfit today and wound up at the office banging away at the keyboard.  I really had to dig down for that extra inspiration.
Extra Inspiration
So after wrenching my hands together and biting some nails I decided to go with what I was wearing. Good thing my office is at home 🙂
07282010 LotD
Works over and it’s time to sneak out and get some rest.  The sun is starting to come up and that’s God’s flashlight.

Poses:  Just a Pose
Background: The office in our house
Shirt: Zenith, Stripe Shirt Beige
Pants: SF Design, Easy Rider pants – Brown lowrise
Shoes: INDI Designs, O’Reilly Walnut
Glasses: FNKY!, Agent Glasses
Hair: LAQ, Radiant M04 Midnight
Skin: LAQ, Emmett 01 Peach
Eyes: Silhouette Eyes MOOD: Olive (L) Stormy


Coat and Tie required

So I was somewhere out in the night.  I had assumed earlier where I’d go would require a coat and tie.  I like being prepared for these things so I dressed accordingly.
Mitch LotD 07272010 HS
Shattered glass wasn’t on the things I wanted to see. Deciding that I didn’t want any part of the place I was in, I made a phone call to Cari to come pick me up.
Mitch LotD 07272010 FB
Thank God she got there in time I had to dodge some bullets while I waited…
Dodging Bullets
The REAL story: I was looking around and wondered inside Zenith, which I haven’t been in a long time. Found a wonderful blue pinstripe jacket. It comes in two styles one with an unbuttoned shirt under it and one without. I added the beater and the tie. I needed a bit of extra cool and added a cigarette and some shades. Pants from Armidi and shoes from Soreal. Hope you enjoy.

Hair: LAQ, Radiant M04 (L)
Tie: Schadenfreude, Crowflake Tie, m
Undershirt: Zaara, ZD : 1 wifebeater*white*
Jeans: Available at the Warehouse sale by Armidi, (Elephant Outfitters) Classic Elephant Jeans – Light Wash
Jacket/Unbuttoned shirt: Zenith, NEo Suit Blue
Shades: FNKY!, Agent Glasses
Shoes: SOREAL, Superstars – WHITE/Black
Cigarette: [CALYPSO GIANO], Cigarette
Skin: LAQ, Emmett 01 Peach Defined skin
Eyes: Silhouette, MOOD: Denim (L) Stormy

Poses:  Just a Pose

Backdrop:  Lost Angels sim


Full skin review and I show my butt

Almost a week ago at this point I picked up the new LAQ Emmett skin and I have since really fallen in love with it.  So here’s a full look at what the [peach] skin tone has to offer.
LAQ review head
As you can see from above the facial hair is absolutely great on these skins. All these hair options come in one package so you can swap whenever you feel like it. The hair is also from LAQ and is designed to fit with the bald base on the skin. However, if you are not using the LAQ shape they sell with this be prepared to edit the hair and it has no resizing scripts. All that aside, this is both an excellent hair and skin which I would recommend to anyone. Now, I present my butt 🙂
LAQ review
All items in this review can be found at the LAQ main store including the shorts from above. The only two exceptions are the eyes and the shape.  The eyes are from Silhouette and the shape I created just for myself and is a tweak on my default shape I use the most.


Running up Stairs Blind :)

Ok so the title of the post has nothing to do with what’s in it, but after I took the first pic I noticed my eyes were closed in it.  In any event I’m not sure what to call this look other than comfortable to me.  I like the clothes and the designers so I hope you do the same 🙂  Pictures were only resized in photoshop and taken on Caliah settings with high graphics.
Mitch LotD 07262010 head
Hair: LAQ ~ Radiant M04 (L) – Midnight
Skin: LAQ ~ Emmett 01 – [Peach] Defined skin (Hairbase)
Eyes: Silhouette Eyes MOOD: Olive (L) Stormy

Necklace: Opium, Tribal Necklace Male 1
Tank: Zaara, wifebeater *beige*
Trousers: SF Design, Stud Leather Jeans Low Rise
Shoes: Zero Number, AM Boots Shoes
Jacket: !_Ce Cubic, effect Suede half coat for men (Black)
Leg Straps: SiniStyle Osiris L Leg Straps – large
Belt: [NC+]-Belt10-[Black]-L-[1.1]
Mitch LotD 07262010 fb

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